Vinyl Will Kill

Vinyl Will Kill

The designer toy scene has been around for a while, but only recently has it begun to break into the mainstream. With designers working alongside sneaker companies and other commercial outlets, artists are getting more exposure than ever and making new fans in the process. Vinyl Will Kill! , edited and designed by Jeremy of, is a comprehensive look at the works of some of the movement’s major players as well as some lesser known figures.

Vinyl Will Kill! is divided into 44 sections of varying lengths, each dealing with an artist or design company. Every section is beautifully illustrated and laid out with important works from each artist. While there are other toy books out there, Vinyl Will Kill!’s attention to detail and in-depth interviews set it apart from the rest. All of the interviews were conducted by artists in the field, like Jeremy or TADO, and are excellent glimpses into each designer’s creative process.

The comprehensive collection of obscure and well-known works from each artist is enough to educate any newcomer or make any die-hard collector drool with envy, and with a roster broad enough to include everyone from Brothersfree to Tim Biskup, there’s plenty of designer toy love to go around. As if that wasn’t enough, the included full-size poster, bearing the images of some of the most iconic figures, and a deck of 36 “web cards” each with an artist’s work and a link to their website make Vinyl Will Kill! one of the most comprehensive look at the world of designer toys to date.

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