Styles P – Time is Money

Styles P - Time is Money

Supposedly success is limited to 15 minutes in the spotlight; Styles P aims to dismantle this claim with his sophomore release Time Is Money. Battling label counterparts, industry bullshit and an audience with the attention span of a moth, the Ghost knew this had to be his most cohesive release to date.

Always fortified on the lyrical tip, Pinero shifted his stance to a more open-minded approach on the microphone. Enlisting the aid of his Lox brethren, Talib Kweli as well as his recently certified codefendant Swizz Beatz, P drops jewels as usual on everything from black pride to hood life. The Akon assisted “Can You Believe It” is sure to spark airwaves around the world, while “Fire and Pain” has Sizzla crooning the blues with sincerity.

Without question, Styles deserves praise for this album, even if it has been pushed back for almost three years now. Unfortunately, a lot of the material seems dated because of Interscope delays and a mixtape scene begging for some flavor. Nonetheless, the Ghost solidifies his reputation as the hardest in the street, issuing earnest emotions, and insight into his communities state as well as feel good music for the youth. Everyone knows 30’s the new 20, including Styles, but with a long future ahead, his bank account is hoping that time translates into money in the bank.

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