Stones Throw – The Other Side of L.A.

Stones Throw - The Other Side of L.A.

There is a finite limit placed on the ability of moving images to convey a notorious city’s underbelly, especially one as recognized as Los Angeles. Pairing an audio CD from Madlib with a DVD hosted by Peanut Butter Wolf, The Other Side of L.A. primes the everyday civilian for a glide through the city of angels.

Sonically speaking, the Beat Conductor does more than throwing some D’s on the track, supplying La Costra Nostra-type dope to creep around L.A. with. Eerie horns, haunting keys and peculiar samples will have you looking over your shoulder every block down Rodeo Drive.

The DVD portion comes across slightly stale, but the overall concept is a refreshing take on a concept as old as Jigga. Interviews, time-lapse videography and clever animations detail where to reload, what spots to bounce at and even suggestions for accommodations of varying balling-out degrees.

With Madlib and PBW helming the ship, there is no doubt that you are getting some really different perspectives. While one could hope for a little more focus, the eclectic display of scenes provide a fix for all fiends, even if it just tides you over ‘til the plane touches down. Serving more as a soundtrack than a city map, book a flight and let the music control your path.

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