STD Issue 19

Several members of the Format staff were busy at the clinic two weekends ago, and Save That Dollar had to rest while our people worked through their pregnancy scares, fears of strange red bumps, and rock-peeing incidents – we were all wondering about the last one too. Luckily, everyone is OK – there are cures to some of these problems (wire hanger anyone?), and we are now back to give you more excuses to support the Internet piracy movement. Lots of music, another book about graffiti, and no way to Shut Your Child Up in this edition of STD.


Pharaohe Monch


Desire is possibly the worst album cover, ever. Eight years to think about it and that is the best you can come up with – Mum-Ra from the Thundercats, WTF? All is forgiven, because Desire is the best album that will sell 10,000 copies this year. Mix out of this world black conscious mumbo-jumbo wordplay with soulful beats and the result is never to be understood levels of genius in easy to bootleg mp3 form.

– Ben Williams


Ga Ga Ga Ga Ga


Ga Ga Ga Ga Ga is a drinking record. Yup, when you’re down and out, and pissed off that six out of the last ten girls you had intercourse with didn’t feel it, well, thanks for being there Spoon! Ga Ga Ga Ga Ga is one part lesbian rock, two parts coming of age and no parts great – turning camera phone off.

– Kemp Illups


Yeah Yeah Yeahs
Is Is


Wow! These people are back, again! Is Is is an EP of Yeah Yeah Yeahs concert favorites that were never released on their albums – not because the tracks sucked, sure, they never sucked, right. Do all people who live in Williamsburg sound like this?

– Grolsh Hova


Mark Ronson


Mark Ronson’s daddy plays music with David Bowie. Mark Ronson swagger jacked The Dap Kings for Amy Winehouse, from Sharon Jones. Mark Ronson has a radio show on East Village Radio. Mark Ronson is friends with popular DJs. Mark Ronson, Mark Ronson, Mark Ronson. Yo, Ron, son, Version is OK for an album of edits from parts of OK songs that may or may have not sampled great music.

– Grolsh Hova


Beastie Boys
The Mix Up


When will the Beastie Boys cash in their 401K plan, buy a cottage in Maine and start kayaking? Sure, sure the Beastie Boys are hip-hop legends that did this and that, but really, though, do grown ass men play basketball on junior high basketball teams, if so, the Beastie Boys would only be bench warmers. The Mix Up is the first indication that hip-hop’s beastly friends are suffering from Alzheimer’s.

– Kemp Illups


DJ Khaled
We The Best


WTF does DJ Khaled do? Sources say that DJ Khaled does nothing except shout in a microphone. He’s not a rapper, not a producer and not really a DJ. It’s a tough call what he did for his album, but sources indicate he did produce two of the 12 tracks on his album. Anonymous sources say DJ Khaled is the nephew of someone important, but they’re too embarrassed to admit it.

– Kemp Illups


Roger Gastman, Darin Rowland, and Ian Sattler
Freight Train Graffiti


Published in June 2006 by Abrams, and written by Roger Gastman, Darin Rowland, and Ian Sattler, Freight Train Graffiti is an in-depth look at the unique subculture of writers who have expanded beyond the streets to embrace railways and boxcars. Carrying on the legacy of graffiti titles such as Subway Art and Spraycan Art, Freight Train Graffiti opens with chapters on the history of the American rails, and graffiti in general before getting into the bulk of the book, which features quotes from legendary freight writers speaking on everything from the development of the movement, to the unique challenges and opportunities writing on trains presents. Analysis of the media, the opposing forces to graffiti, and hobo graffiti are all also covered, all amidst 1000s of images which give context to the past, present, and ongoing freight train movement.

– Shane Ward


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