Sean Price – Jesus Price Superstar


Ignorant raps from a schizophrenic drug addict; it’s Sean Peeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! The long awaited sophomore solo album from Ruck, a.k.a. Sean Price, hits harder than spousal abuse from a silver back gorilla. Tag teaming with the Boot Camp Click and all the familiar heads, P gets dirty without the glitz and glam that has become so commonplace.

Besides a blasphemous album title, Jesus Price Superstar has some other surprises coming out of the gate, including production from 9th Wonder, Tommy Tee and appearances from legends like Sadat X and some of the Justus League. With napalm on the boards, Sean delivers exactly what you’d expect from the boys on the park bench – triple A dope.

Relying on boombap and real talk, Price crafts the kind of album that appeases a kaleidoscope of demographics. Everyone from backpackers to Dipset clones, from golden-era worshippers to the kids who think Wu-Tang is old-school, even soccer moms will praise this album for its cohesiveness and ability to convey real emotions and real situations in the city.

Sean Price is your favorite rapper’s role model: an O.G. still residing in Brownsville, respected by the industry and bursting at the seams with stories of the good old times. The best part is how lean the LP is, on tracks and on bullshit. Consistently pushing that quality, Price delivers a knockout every time.


  1. Flow tight like your daughter’s twat/son, you aughta stop/all that bullshit saying God/fuck you, call the cops. That’s my man Sean P. outrageously niggerish but eloquently beautiful at the same time. I will cop the album as soon as it is released.

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