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In 2005, Martha Cooper, Nika Kramer and Ana “Rokafella” Garcia opened a new chapter in hip-hop with We B Girlz, a comprehensive, fact-based account (in many respects, We B Girlz is a reference manual inside the b-girl world) of b-girls across the globe.

Photography authority, Martha Cooper, captures the raw essence of b-girls in their true form; sideways, upside down, right side up while popping and locking their inner emotions through the exterior art of break-dancing.

Writer, Nika Kramer, and Martha Cooper teamed up in 2004 and started documenting b-girls in Germany. Their exploration and love for b-girls had the duo meet women from several countries, in their search for the reason why b-girls perform. In their search an attitude is found – positive, negative and each unique to the individual b-girl. Spanish-Harlem born, Ana “Rokafella” Garcia writes a commanding introduction that dives into her come up in the break-dancing world, a come up that had its hardships physically, mentally and gender-wise.

We B Girlz could not be more comprehensive, in fact, hip-hop author, Jeff Chang, writes “This is going to be as important a book as Subway Art was to all of us back in the day.” We B Girlz covers more than back in the day and paves a firm foundation for future women and men in the break-dancing world. We B Girlz is a must have for any hip-hop enthusiast!

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