Markus Mai – Writing: Urban Calligraphy

Markus Mai - Writing: Urban Calligraphy

Published in 2004 by Die Gestalten, Writing: Urban Calligraphy and Beyond is the definition of Format’s Classic Material. Featuring a sleek embedded cover, and high stock paper, the book is a work of art itself, designed for the reader who reveres appearance. The focus on detail doesn’t stop there though, as writer Markus Mai delves deep into graffiti subcultures to present an unbelievably original look at what graffiti has become in the twenty first century.

Beginning with the tag, the book introduces writer’s styles and alphabets on a clean white surface allowing an extremely detailed look at what goes into developing the most central element of graffiti. Writing: Urban Calligraphy… also features walls, of course, but it’s the books ability to go Beyond that elevates it to classic status. In the tag section alone, the reader is introduced to murals by Ease who turns the tag into a repetitive element of a canvas. The real treats, however, are the Analogy, 2d-3d, and Object chapters of the book. Analogy explores the urban environment, offering photographs of roads, buildings, nature, and more; this section is really the definitive area of the book, one which provides insight into where graffiti artists develop style in the first place. Following the Analogy chapters, the 2d-3d and Object chapters present graffiti beyond the mural, showing sculpture, design, light-inspired graffiti, and much more media that you would never imagine graffiti was being created in.

Writing: Urban Calligraphy and Beyond is a must have for anyone involved, interested, or curious about graffiti. Well known for their high quality publishing, Die Gestalten is quickly becoming one of the go to sources for books relating to not only urban art, but art in general.

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  1. hello everyone,

    it’s the plug———C= from belgium here. i feature in this book and i’ve lost the mail adress of Markus Mai….is anybody can help me??????

    electricaly yours……


    tha plug

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