Marco Polo – Port Authority

Marco Polo - Port Authority

Hailing from the Nasty North, musical success must have seemed like a distant mirage to young Marco Polo. Without the networking opportunities of those located in the Rotted Apple or Atlanta, Polo took historical directions from the man he borrowed his namesake from and emigrated from studio to studio, building rapport and grinding his way to a stacked resume.

Boasting limitless features over gritty drums, disturbing samples and gothic backdrops enable the artists to paint graphic stories on Port Authority. Having everyone provide rhymes, from hometown star Kardinal to Boot Camp familia, even reviving JoJo Pellegrino for a banger, Polo is not the man you want to fuck with. With vivid production on board, Port Authority serves as a cinematic wakeup call to everyone who overslept.

Despite running seventeen tracks, Port Authority will slap the taste out of your mouth with every track. Perhaps those who enjoy this offering will be classified as “stuck in the golden era,” but when the population tires of two-stepping to Fruity Loops beats, Marco Polo’s flag will stand strong and tall, marking his turf as a producer able to withstand bullshit trends and make real hip-hop. Shit, even Masta Ace was feeling the Nostalgia.


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