Just for Kicks

Just for Kicks

In their documentary Just for Kicks, executive producers Thierry Daher and Come Chantrel examine the origins of the sneaker culture. If you ever wondered how the sneaker connoisseurs came to be and why they travel far and wide to be that individual who always has the most exclusive foot apparel, then this film will satisfy your curiosity.

Just for Kicks highlights how hip-hop culture increased the corporate competition of the sneaker industry. Doze of the Rock Steady Crew explains that break-dance crews sport sneakers for comfort and style. Daher and Chantrel showcase how the industry exploded with Run DMC and their classic hit, “My Adidas,” which elevated the sneaker market to another level. Pay close attention to the story behind the creation of the whole concept, and how the pioneer hip-hop group acquired their million-dollar contract.
Unfortunately, there is usually a con for every pro and JFK details how the quest for having the freshest footwear created a social divide between the haves and the have-nots. This particular negative involved an uproar of violence in communities that Wu-Tang member Raekwon discusses vividly during this segment of the film.

JFK dives deeper into the sneaker industry and the formulas that big companies have created to maintain their success. The most popular and profitable formula promoted was the idea that rapper + youth = fortune. Everyone from Reebok, Converse, to Nike has merged with clothing lines such as Bathing Ape and G-Unit, making possible a variety of collaborations in the sneaker market.

Scoop Jackson, writer for Sole Collector, points to a key moment in the sneaker culture by recognizing the emergence of–as JFK refers to him–the superhero known as Michael Jordan, who single-handedly transformed Nike’s former convention of associating the shoe with the company to a shoe affiliated with an individual such as Jordan himself, this transcending the competition of the sneaker market.

In addition, the film focuses on sneaker-heads narrated by Bobbito Garcia on the purpose of collecting, what they collect, and what collecting and obtaining these limited-edition kicks means, and the jubilation of a successful sneaker hunt.

With features from CEO Damon Dash, sneaker designers, Futura 2000 and Stash, and hip-hop originators Grandmaster Caz and JDL of the Cold Crush Brothers, Just for Kicks is a hip-hop 101 perspective inside the sneaker subculture and the corporate game that keeps the sneaker-heads in search of the latest foot wear.

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