Jamel Shabazz – A Time Before Crack

Jamel Shabbazz - A Time Before Crack

Through the eyes of a man who was born and raised in Brooklyn, New York, Jamel Shabazz documents the past 30 years of street life in New Yorks’ “City of Kings.” With times everchanging, Jamel endeavors to preserve New York City’s time before crack, where he ventures the streets to take snapshots of some of the city’s most exceptional youth, inspiring present and future generations. Jamel Shabbazz is best known as Hip-Hop’s most notorious photographer, and his concoction of work in A Time Before Crack proves nothing less. These were times when kids never left their house without their boomboxes or vintage Cazal-inspired specs. Whether or not this is the year of the hustle and everything from this book has “revived” yet again, what’s become of todays’ revival will do no justice to this time; a time before crack.

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