I Am 8-Bit


The video game boom of the 80’s brought video games into the mainstream. Those who grew up during gamings’ golden era know how significant these games became as a part of the culture. Mario has become ubiquitous, and people from all walks of life would soon enjoy video games. I Am 8-Bit is a tribute to the video games of the 1980’s through artistic re-interpretation.

This book is a compilation of works shown at Gallery 1988, in Hollywood, depicting various artistic re-imaginings of familiar characters like Mario and Luigi, Pac Man, Donkey Kong, Q*Bert, and Link. Some of the works, like Greg “Craola” Simkins’ “Pac Man in Hospice,” and Ryan Bubnis’ “Mourning the Loss of the Princess,” which features a ragged, disheveled Link, showcase the darker side of the characters we’ve grown up with. I Am 8-Bit is full of timeless character designs and amazing talent that humanizes, and raises questions about, the characters’ natures.

Works like Matt Clark’s “The Game Chose Me” and John Pham’s “Sedentary” focus on the powerful and addictive nature of videogames themselves. For videogame fans and art enthusiasts alike, I Am 8-Bit’s presents commentaries on a culture that held a large role in all our lives, making it an instant classic.

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