How to Succeed in Urban Fashion

How to Succeed in Urban Fashion

Starting a business of any kind is difficult, especially if there are no guidelines helping aspiring entrepreneurs enter a market. Having only, in the last ten years, blew up in the mainstream, urban culture, and the businesses that have rise from it, has been pioneered by young urban businessmen and women that create their own lane. Driven by his own questions and frustrations over not getting answers, filmmaker/director Winston Brown guides the viewer through the industry in How to Succeed in Urban Fashion, profiling individuals and compiling their knowledge into an essential start-up DVD.

Well researched, edited and produced, How to Succeed in Urban Fashion gives an extremely solid foundation to anyone interested in starting a clothing line. Profiling the movers and shakers behind lines including, but not limited to, LRG, Triple 5 Soul, Akademiks, 10 Deep, Crooks and Castles, Mighty Healthy, and Mishka, How to Succeed in Urban Fashion covers a wide spectrum of brands from established to start-up. A variety of industry professionals speak on everything from how to come up with a name and logo, to design, to distribution and promotion. The DVD also offers the much needed perspective of retailers—most notably Nima of Digital Gravel—that instruct brands how to get accounts.

Covering both the urban and the streetwear segment, How to Succeed in Urban Fashion is the perfect DVD for anyone interested in learning the business.

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  1. yo,
    I got a copy from a friend who said it was a must see, CRAZY!!!!
    dude definitely did his research, and i was seriously impressed. check out, I know they had it and hopefully they still do.

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