Graffiti World

Graffiti World

Modern graffiti has played a special role in the art world since its early years, but recently that role has undergone a change. Graffiti is, at its roots, a subversive form of communication. A form of communication aimed at inspiring social change and free expression. Lately, graffiti has begun to transcend into the mainstream, with artists like Banksy and Shepard Fairley—whose OBEY Propaganda has expanded to include toys and a clothing line—becoming pop culture icons.

Graffiti World is a comprehensive primer of graffiti, examining its history and evolution over the years. It showcases different styles of street art in every form, from stickers to posters and stencils to traditional graffiti. Where Graffiti World truly succeeds is in its display of artists from around the world. Each artist or group gets a page or two with samples of their work and a brief bio detailing what they do, offering insight into their creative processes.

Works range from photorealistic landscapes, ironic stencils and recurring characters, like Dalek’s Space Monkey and Buffmonster’s own design, to tagged freight trains and old-school marker tags. Graffiti World also includes a detailed index that names each artist’s works, country of origin, and dates within which they were active as writers. Also included is a glossary of terms, list of graffiti group abbreviations, a list of available graff magazines, and a list of web resources. Graffiti World is a bible of all things related to street art around the globe, and is worth a look if only for the magnificent photos. Street art is growing, pick it up to inflate your brain and expand your horizons.

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