Nicholas Ganz – Graffiti Women


Breaking beyond the page limits of his 2004 book release Graffiti World, Nicholas Ganz returns in 2006 with Graffiti Women, a tribute to the often unappreciated, overlooked, and marginalized, females in graffiti and stencil culture.

As Ganz mentions in the preface, women in graffiti have thus far—outside of nods to Subway Art, The Faith of Graffiti, The Graffiti Subculture, and Spray City —been for the most part unrecognized in the publishing world. Seeking to level the playing field, Ganz gets super comprehensive as usual, profiling and featuring over 100 female graffiti and stencil artists, and including over 1,000 full color illustrations. Graffiti Women has the perfect mix of image and word, offering primarily picture spreads, with short profiles on the writers. This is not a text-based book, but Ganz does make a great choice in enlisting Nancy Macdonald, the author of The Graffiti Subculture, for a quick analytical rundown of women’s struggles, and successes within graffiti, to give context for the uninformed reader.

Crisp images, a simple layout, several fold-outs, and an in-depth appendix make Graffiti Women a visual encyclopedia of the most prominent female artists in the culture worldwide. A must buy for anyone interested in graffiti or street art.

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