FriendsWithYou Have Powers!

FriendsWithYou Have Powers!

Did you have a sticker book as kid? A binder sized, not quite hard not quite soft, padding style covered book for all of the pretty photos, stickers, or other 2D playthings you collected? Maybe you still do?

FriendsWithYou Have Powers! , published by Die Gestalten, and compiled by the design team who share the name of the title, is a mishmash of rainbows, sparkle, plush, smiles, and more. Samuel Borkson and Arturo Sandoval are FriendsWithYou, a Miami-based design duo who have been bringing the magic world of youthful inspiration to adults since 2002. In the past five years, FriendsWithYou have expanded from a small line of plush toys, to wooden toys, graphic design, art, and installation; FriendsWithYou Have Powers! , is a collection of some of their best work since coming together. With sections covering all of the aforementioned media, the book “reads”—there is in fact very little text—like the hallucinogenic journey of two grown men into a state of childlike bliss. Cartoon style animation, dreaming with cloudpillows, and a touch of magic, are only some of the inspirations behind the work presented in Friends…

Cherishing the innocence of childhood is something many people—save parents—often don’t take the time to do. If you’re not ready to have a baby yet, or you’re just infertile, take a moment with your Friends and revisit the days when food came in nothing but different colors of paste.

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