Bobbito Garcia – Where’d You Get Those

Bobbito Garcia - Where'd You Get Those

It is the responsibility of a culture to document its history, and in Where’d You Get Those? , Bobbito Garcia takes readers through a time warp to the backdoors of sneaker culture from 1960 to 1987.

Meticulous photographs detail New York City’s sneaker culture with supporting accounts from ball players, sneaker fiends and cultural icons. In 264 pages, Garcia manages to describe the butters and the skippies during six defining periods in sneaker history. Like high-tops are to ankle support, Garcia inserts the back stories that make Where’d You Get Those? a unique record of top ten lists, NYC ball legends, sneaker care, sneaker customizations and, a favourite of any reader, sneaker theft. Lord Scotch recalls his Avia Basketball sneakers: “They looked like strange boots. I loved the neoprene insole, because I could fold up a ten dollar bill, weed and razor blade, and stick then underneath. I was ready at any time to get knocked and go through Central Booking. They’d never find that on the pat down.”

Undoubtedly, Where’d You Get Those? is the premier book on sneaker history and Garcia’s authority makes him, as Raekwon says, “The Don King of the footwear game.”

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