Alchemist – No Days Off

Alchemist - No Days Off

The key to longevity in the rap game is consistency: consistently making dope tracks, consistently spitting fire and consistently promoting properly. The Alchemist has been around more than a minute, a testament to his grind in the studio. Upcoming and aspiring producers take note – the labels honor the street and the streets respect the hustle.

Always the perfectionist, Alchemist has kept his status up by taking time with every project and ensuring the perfect balance between coastal flavors. With No Days Off, he puts together a collage of tracks that prove he truly does not rest. Carefully selecting his guest spots, the Whooligan holds his own next to Ras Kass and 40 Glocc on “Flashlight,” spitting, “Only rap about the pistols I could tell that you knew/ Baskin Robbins style – I put you up on the scoop/”

From Prodigy to Defari and Evidence to Xzibit, the 1st Infantry General shows his clout in the game with top-notch appearances. Rarely does a producer get behind someone else’s beat, but the tape concludes with Al on a blistering Sebb production, citing “…all they gotta do is spell my name right and I’m cool.” Consistently low-key, Alchemist grinds hard, taking No Days Off.

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