Oliver Peoples and Dr. Romanelli Present Dr. Goodfellow

London retailer Hostem, proprietor James Brown, and renowned eye-wear brand Oliver Peoples join forces with Dr.Romanelli to help mastermind a collectibles edition entitled, “Dr. Goodfellow”.  Limited to 10 pieces in this edition, the series features highly detailed designs, including a custom jewelery-quality monocle with chain created by Oliver Peoples.

The figurines, which stand about 14″ tall, guarantee signature Darren Romenlli’ cultural classic revival designs that fuse the Victorian era with Shakespeare’s mythological characters from ‘A midsummer Night’s Dream’. Available in sterling silver, nickel, and 18K Gold at selected stores around the world this November!

Sepher Cadiz

Sepher Cadiz

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  1. Everything that comes out of the Hostem project from Darren Romanelli shows new versatility from him. This figure is amazing, and the jackets he’s released at Hostem are some of his best work.

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