Who the F*ck Stole Tone’s Camera?

Who the F*ck Stole Tone’s Camera?

Tone is not messing around. He wants to know “Who the F*ck Stole [His] Camera”? This Tuesday, July 22nd at Sutra Lounge in New York City, a fundraiser for Tone will be held to get the Format photographer his camera back. “Who the F*ck Stole Tone’s Camera” is far from a community hall charity event; leave it to Tone to turn an unfortunate situation into a star studded event. The list of entertainers is extensive; DJ Soul, Amir, Saucey, 2 Hungry Bros, are only a few of the expected guests. Not to mention, raffle prizes from big names like; Leroy Jenkins, Rocksmith, Boundless NY, Knitting Factory, Chris Micaud, amongst many others. If you will be in the NYC area, making an appearance is a must, but don’t forget your wallet for the $10 suggested donation, which includes one raffle ticket.

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