‘Where The Wild Things Are: Original Drawings By Maurice Sendak’ Exhibition

'Where The Wild Things Are Original Drawings By Maurice Sendak' Exhibition

Maurice Sendak’s original illustrations for the children’s classic, Where The Wild Things Are, will be part of an exhibition unsurprisingly named ‘Where The Wild Things Are: Original Drawings By Maurice Sendak.’ See the modern classic in amazing detail, with Sendak’s original concept sketches and the unpublished pages on display. The exhibition will be held at New York City’s Morgan Library & Museum in Midtown Manhattan, and will be on display until November 1st, 2009.

Source: Curated

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  1. I read this book to my 4-year old son and he looked at me like “Seriously?” I’m not saying it’s overrated, but my son much prefers “The Places You’ll Go” by Dr. Seuss.


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