We’ve been keeping this under our hats for a few months now.
But you’ve probaly been seeing the bottles and tv spots during the football games, as well as street bills posted.
LeRoy Jenkins Limited and Gatorade official co-branding and logo redesign by Upendo. Gatorade wanted to get back the basics so they reached out to us to give them that feel.
It started with coming up with a list of verbage, the verbage that worked for LJ was, GO HARD OR GO HOME, We did a few rough font treatments, but Gatorade felt that that was too too hard core, so they later picked another phrase we liked and ran with that.

Gatorade wanted to do a co-branding of a tee and a hat. So we did just that, they let us have full creative freedom.
We designed the hat the same way LJ does its classic floral fabrics (limited various fabric color ways), just replacing the LJ logo with the “G” logo. The LJ Cameo is under the bill though. Estate L.A. got down with the hat production.

And now the tee. It was just going to be one tee with the “BRING IT” verbage that was used on the bottles.
But they liked my verbage so much they gave the green light for the second. ITS ALL “G” is LJ’s short version of saying “Its all good”. None of the products created are for sale, all promo. So if you gets ya hands on some of it, hold on to it! We made history with this package.

The Product:

The Television Spot:

Here’s the first look of someone receiving their package: Ted Chung VP of Doggy Style records.

Thanks Gatorade for letting LJ get down with yall. We drink it, We love it!
For more info on our Gatorade project: Leroyjenkinslimited.com

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