We Come At Night Street Art Book

We Come At Night Street Art Book

Gestalten Publishing’s recently-released graffiti book We Come at Night focuses on the work of thirteen street artists whose artistic interventions are not only aesthetically motivated but also function as razor-sharp social, political and ironic commentary on its surroundings and its urban context.

It showcases artists such as Dr. Innocent and French activist Zevs sanitising walls by whitewashing defaced buildings, and writing messages on dirty walls by using the same sand blasting technique used to erase graffiti. In time where, thanks to the ubiquity of street art, the political and social messages inherent in graffiti are starting to lose their significance, this cunning group of street artists is restoring meaning to this pervasive art form with determination while appropriating public spaces with remarkable art.

With an introductory text by street art expert Martha Coope and edited by Frank Esher Lämmer and R.K.D.U., We Come at Night also features works by Akim One Machine, Blu, Brom, JR, Kami & Sasu, Mare 139, Mr. Horse, Nixfitti and Zasd. The book also includes a DVD with a film documentary by Volker Sattel and Mario Mentrup about the Outsides project initiated by Red Bull.

We Come At Night is available for purchase directly from Gestalten, or through Amazon.

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