Vocal Tone: The Mind of Melo-X

If you’ve been paying attention, then you probably know this guy. His signature look and sound have exploded all over NYC and the surrounding area. His face has graced dozens of photoblogs and magazines. He is rocking and his work deserves the attention. Read on and find out more about Brooklyns own, DJ / Producer / Photog / Graphic Designer, Ryan Rhodes aka Melo-X.

TONE: When did you start your grind in the music world and how have your grown since then?

MELO: I started rapping between the ages 7 – 9. At age 13, I started recording music and by the last year of High School my best friend and I were making DJ mix-tapes and selling them in our High School’s. This was around 2002 and that’s when I started recording my first album. Since then I’ve become a well rounded musician. I have alot of work to do and plenty to learn, but I’m making good progress.

Read the full interview at TONE’s blog on Format.

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