Vision Street Wear’s Upcoming High-top Release

It’s been a while since we’ve heard from Vision Street Wear, but now the legendary skate company is back, and bigger than ever, as seen in the two gender specific remakes of the ‘1400 Vision Classic.’ The guys shoes are available in three colorways (gray/green/white, black/red/white and white/red/gray), and are perfect for skateboarding, and general every day wear. Features include a ribbed outsole, padded ankle strap and toe-box perforations.

Alternatively, the girls version is available in two colorways (lilac/red and bright blue/magenta/black) and are perfect for any girl who wants make a statement – it’s hard not to notice these slim mid-foot kicks with their leopard print upper. Unfortunately we don’t have a release date from Vision Street Wear, but soon as we know more, you can bet we’ll let you know what’s up.

Diana Fourka

Diana Fourka

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