Video: ‘Night Track’ Nike Limited Edition Collection

With their roots pegged in innovation its easy to forget there is a simplistic past to Nike’s running heritage. The Night Track is a symbol of the brands history and influence in running. We live our lives at 100 miles an hour now, always hustling,

but we need to get that run in, we need to ‘Make it Count’. For a lot of us the only way to do this is late in the evening. The mindgames we play while we run result in the Night Tracks we pass through, Nike’s limited edition Night Track plays off the notion of the

tracks that come alive at night – this film is a depiction of the darker side of night, and the darker side of the dreams we have and the mindgames we play. Running is cult like in its addiction.

Erik R. Adler

Erik R. Adler

Editorial Director
Erik Adler is the Editorial Director for GroundWave Media Group. He's what you might call 'Man Pretty'
Erik R. Adler
Erik R. Adler

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