The Sharpie Show

Graffiti artist Man One, known the world over for his original pieces, is the curator behind “The Sharpie Show,” an exhibition flaunting the works of the best graffiti artists in the world. The show touches down in Los Angeles’ Crewest Gallery on Feb. 7 with DJ Phyz Ed spinning his beats to live printing by artist Two Rabbits. The show will also feature the handiwork of tattoo artists and illustrators Lalo Alcaraz and Overton Loyd.

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  1. Brooks Golden
    (American, b. 1974)

    Through using character-based drawing and painting practices, I find artistic interest in exploring the commonalities of certain connective aspects of American,Asian and African cultures. Specifically, I am exploring our distinct American footprint by using a combination of folk,tribal-based and other visual symbolism to make idealistic parallels and promote a sense of humor and allegory in my work. My biggest influences include American Folk Art and Tales, Hollywood Horror Imagery, and American Punk Rock of the late 1970’s and Hip Hop of the early 1980’s.

    I currently work and live in Chicago, and I am very open to all aspects of collaborative work with fellow artist as well as other community-based arts.

  2. Travis Moore
    (American, b. 1977)
    I try to synthesize Los Angeles Culture, take out the filler, preservatives, and all that ego, and then weave it together with color and the feel of this modern city. I am currently working to develop a series of pieces that center on one’s view of L.A. by car. So I am contrantly inspired by this City, Loss Angeless…I work primarily with Acrylics and Sharpies, and that is why this upcoming show excites me so much. The artwork will speak for itself, please come and check out my work and the Sharpie Show.


  3. They call me SimsOne from the famous K4P crew. I’ve been in the graff scene since the 80’s and have been painting since then. I live to paint and paint to live. I will be in the Sharpie show at Crewest in February.

    110 Winston St.
    Los Angeles, CA 90013
    ph | 213-627-8272
    fx | 213-627-8272

  4. ROME from chicago ..i’ve been involved in the graff scene for years. A graduate of American Academy of Art , and influential in the chicago graff scene .Hope you enjoy The Sharpie show and the pieces i have contribute… ROME

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