Tarik Mikou Design

Check out the mind-blowing artistic stylings of Montreal-based artist, photographer and graphic designer, Tarik Mikou. Much of Mikou’s work is commissioned for album covers, movie and event posters, and print work. This series is a tribute to classic pop culture icons; an ode to youth which explores the slogan ‘Be A Kid Again.’ Just one look at his incredible body of work leaves no doubt in our minds as to why Tarik is in high demand. Check out his web site, and be sure to peruse his photography, which ranges from candid shots to landscapes to macro to uniquely posed portraits – basically anything that captures Tarik’s incredibly artistic eye and vast imagination.

Sarah Parniak

Sarah Parniak

Sarah Parniak

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  1. Scarlett Haines says:

    I discovered Tarik Mikou last week on mag. I’m in love with his work! Beautiiiiifil!

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