Supreme 3rd Tees

Supreme 3rd Tees

Supreme teases the Internet community with a set of six new tees. A Miles Davis shirt, a collabo with Skull Skates, a Showbiz tee, a Puppet tee, a Rat Target tee, and a DENY Everything tee will all be available at Supreme locations soon.

Info.Image: Honeyee via Hypebeast

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  1. Hello,

    We are doing a hotshop special for our magazine djbroadcast with a list of gadgets including T-shirts of the Supreme-miles-davis-collection.

    Now I am looking for the picture that you also use on your website with the supreme miles davis collection shirts. I need an image in at least 300 dpi. Can you please send me this picture as soon as possible? I need it today, so I hope you can help me…

    Thank you!

    Best regards,

    Lotte Jansen

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