Support Faith47’s Petition Against New Graffiti Laws

South African artist and recent feature on Format, Faith47, is calling on people to support her petition against The City of Cape Town’s proposed graffiti by-law. In short, this new law if passed, will prevent homeowners from permitting graffiti artists to paint on their property. In her petition, Faith points out ‘The new, proposed graffiti by-law criminalizes all forms of public art and violates our personal right to freedom of expression on private property. It makes no distinction between vandalism and public art that is done with the permission of the owner of the property.’ Help Faith, and all writers in Cape Town’s thriving street art scene and sign this petition; your efforts will have a great impact on keeping art alive on the streets of The Mother City.


  1. There needs to be a distinct discription between “GRAFFITI” and “What the Government think GRAFFITI is”!!!!
    I think you have a better chance out of most of us, to make a difference. You got my vote!

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