‘State of Play’ At Gallerie Du Jour

'State of Play' At Gallerie Du Jour 1

Gallerie du Jour is staging an exhibition celebrating the great variety of street art and the power of graffiti in today’s society, and it’s being called ‘Etat des Lieux’, or ‘State of Play’. The exhibition will endeavor to cover graffiti in its many forms, from simple spray work, to complex stencils and video installation exhibits conceived as extensions of simple street art.

In addition to the exhibits by artists such as Psyckoze, JonOne, and YKO, the Gallerie du Jour and Wasted Talent will be reissuing Norman Mailer and Jon Narr’s seminal 1974 book on graffiti, ‘The Faith of Graffiti’. This exhibit will run from Septebmer 8th 2009, until October 10th 2009.

Source: Guillotine

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