Spencer Davis’ ‘Free Spirit’ Booty Babe

Some have maintained that curvaceous lassies maintain Devinci’s golden ratio (1:1.618), the ratio that supposedly defines perfection. Others claim them to be misogynists. Regardless of which camp you fall into, if you can get behind – and appreciate – a healthy a body size, chances are you can appreciate the ‘Free Spirit’ Booty Babe vinyl figure, designed by Spencer Davis. Meant to be a celebration of realistic figures, the posturing on these figures don’t need any external validation to be proud. They also don’t need clothes. Make sure to get more information at Booty Babes Art.

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  1. “Healthy body types”? The example here parades as a “fat/curvy girl”, but is missing anything about larger women that are considered unattractive. Her tiny arms and waist are completely unattainable for most “healthy” women. Gigantic breasts and hips do not a “realistic figure” make.

    I have no problem with this beautiful and well-crafted cartoonish (yes, it’s a caricature of the female body) sculpture, but the description/defense of it is unfounded.

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