snkrbox inc x Koch Entertainment x 10-DEEP Skateboarding Tour

snkrbox inc x Koch Entertainment x 10-DEEP Skateboarding Tour

snkrbox inc, Koch Entertainment and 10-Deep announced the “10-DEEP Summer Canadian Tour” for the 10-DEEP skateboarding team. Led by team manager, German Nieves and comprised of sponsored American skaters; Nate Fantasia, Daniel Kim, Tony Montgomery, Jamal Smith and Tommy Wisdom, the 10-DEEP skateboarding team will tour Eastern Canada to collect exciting video footage and showcase their talents at high impact Canadian events.

The tour will kick off in Toronto on July 15th with a late-night event at Reign Nightclub, featuring music from DJ Starting From Scratch and a live performance by MMVA-nominated hip hop group Point Blank. On July 16th the 10-DEEP skaters will head to Ottawa for an afternoon demo in the park and an in-store signing at Norml Clothing. On the following day, the 10-DEEP team will hit up Montreal to host the opening party for AM Getting Paid -Canada’s most coveted international amateur skate contest. The party will be held at House Nightclub in cooperation with skateboarding retailer Underworld. The 10-DEEP riders will end their tour at the AM Getting Paid contest at the Southparc Skatepark in Brossard, Qc between July 18th and July 20th.

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