How to Sell a Banksy

If you’ve ever wondered about the fact that some street artist’s work sells for thousands of dollars but also just hangs out in public on walls, you’re not alone. If you’ve ever wondered if someone could just rip it down, sell it, and make a million, you’re probably going to like this film. How to Sell a Banksy features a couple of young Brits who did just that.

After “stealing” a Banksy wheatpaste off a busy London overpass film makers Christopher Thompson and Alper Cagatay plunge headlong into a world of art critics, gallery owners, lawyers, and concerned citizens. How to Sell a Banksy raises questions about ownership, authenticity, and the value of art. Through chaos and incompetence, says the press release, comes a modern-day, true-story, crime-theft, comedy-caper. Check out the trailer below.

Daniel St. Germaine

Daniel St. Germaine

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