REONE. Fluro-Boogers.

I was psyched when the homies Rich & Thot & Learn hit me up today to let me know we got the GO on painting the soon-to-be-demolished USM Dorm Buildings. I took a choice spot and painted right over the door and windows. Big, fast, sloppy, and funky. I’ve never painted a piece layered like this, so I wasn’t sure how it would turn out. I dig it, but the next one will bang. Had to bounce early, but I’ll post photos of everyone’s burners when they’re done. Click-Zoom.

It has been years since I rocked a proper Blueprint. These days I just go with the flow and play with the space most of the time. Today I sketched this sorry doodle while trying to wrap my head around the layering process. Gotta get back to being serious with the pencil and Sharpie. Summer 09 will be a scorcher!

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