Reebok x Uslu Airlines Spring / Summer 2010 ‘Retroball’ & ‘Cortney Mid’


Want to surprise your lady friend, then why not inspire her to be the Missy Eliott of the dance floor, with these 2010 spring / summer Reebok high tops made in collaboration with Uslu Airlines; the Berlin nail polish brand that has previously worked alongside Nike for the Air Force 1World project. There are two different models, the first one ‘Retroball’ has a silver disco ball upper with red eyelets that’s bound to add extra shine to your moves, but not only that – it also comes with a large ankle strap that’s bound to make these kicks stay on, even during your break dancing flips. The second pair, ‘Cortney Mid’, are white and fairly simple in the daytime, but don’t be fooled, once you hit the night scene in these sneakers, you’ll see that they have a double-personality. They’ll bring out their wild side by glowing in the dark, and by revealing hidden chain-link graphics. Not only that, both of these pairs come with a bonus nail polish.

Source: Highsnobiety

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