Reebok ERS Racer just released!

Reebok ERS.

The Reebok Energy Return System (ERS), out of the “Bring Back” collection has just been released. If you aren’t a big fan of the SB dunks, Reebok is definitely the way to go. With these well-studied pumps, your feet are never going to feel the same way again. Not only will this pair help prevent injury by absorbing shock to cushion impact after stabilizing the foot, but it also returns the energy to help propel your foot forward. The “Bring Back” collection consists of having the same color scheme as the “Pump Bring Back” Collection which was based on some of the most iconic Pump models from the late 80s and early 90s. The colors are a mix of white, black purple lacquer and light blue. Featuring a mesh toe box, premium materials and smooth leather details, classic shape and matching mid-sole. Overkill Berlin just got these in, and you wouldn’t want to wait any longer to go check them out!

Info.Image: NikeSB

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  1. i was just on overkill berlin and they dont have them on that site. i need to know where you can buy these!!

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