Recoat Presents New Faces Exhibtion

Glasgow-based Recoat is happy to announce it will present New Faces, its first exhibition for 2010, starting on January 22nd, 2010. Appropriately, New Faces is based on the theme of Character Design and will showcase work by illustrator Andrew Rae, Scottish graffiti artist Elph, South African illustrator Theory One, Michigan-based artist, Jon Macnair and Syrkus, the only female participant among others. Hopefully you can make it out to see the amazing, funny and weird drawings, paintings, sculptures and collages on show. And as an added bonus, all the Scottish artists have collaborate on a mural for New Faces so there’s definitely going to be plenty to see.

New Faces
January 22nd – February 21st, 2010
323 N Woodside Rd
Glasgow, Scotland

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