Quilted: The Story of an Abandoned Station

Quilted: The Story of an Abandoned Station

Random public displays of art are usually some of the most interesting and creative pieces that exist. The above image of a gas station that was completely covered in blankets of various colors and patterns is probably one of the most “out there” exhibits. Jennifer Marsh is an artist who supposedly decided to blanket the old station because “she was sick of paying high gas prices and bothered by the eyesore”. Marsh covered the station with the help of 15 other artists from around the globe, 2,500 students, and $29,000 (most of the money came from Marsh’s pocket and the rest were grants). Don’t get me wrong, the gas station looks cool, might even pull over the car to take a closer look, but the thousands of dollars used to create it may have been better spent on Marsh’s gas tank. Considering it was the elevated gas prices that made her vexed in the first place. It’s just a thought.

Info. Image: Unusual Life

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