Puma Black Store Holiday Bikes

Puma Black Store Holiday Bikes

With still enough time to add to your gift list, PUMA introduces a limited edition package to its Black stores in New York and Tokyo. The package includes tricked out bikes with matching kicks, gear and accessories.

The bikes come in four different styles: the BMX in pink with green accents, the Beach Cruiser in blue with white accents, the Touring bike in black with brown accents, and the Road Bike in green. There will only be one of each style available in the US, which means you are guaranteed to be the only one on your block, in your city, state and country with this bike. The footwear also marks the return of the iconic PUMA SPRINT shoe. Along with the shoe there will be a matching SPRINT jacket, modeled after the Urban Mobility lightweight jacket. The accessories, which include a courier bags, a belt and a small wallet, also makes perfect stocking stuffers. Regardless if you are buying this for yourself or a friend this is the ultimate holiday gift package.

Available exclusively at the:
PUMA Black Store
421 West 14th St.
New York, New York 10014

Info.Image: Puma

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