Plenty of Room On the Couch Group Show


Beginning Friday June 26th, New York’s Eastern District Gallery hosts Plenty of Room On the Couch. This group show features work from JK6, Trevor Bittinger, Colin Stinson, Spaze Craft 1, Denise DeSpirito, John Breiner, Dan Taylor, Jesse Jones, Kyoko Heshiimu, Becca Roach, Kelly Vetter, Steve Smith, New Colony, Downer, Chad Koeplinger, AKO, Michelle Tarantelli, Gillian Goldstein, Patrick Conlon, Chip7, Todd Noble, Mister Mark, Eyeball, Chris O’Donnell, Andreis Costa, Zoe Sonenberg, Carlyle Micklus, Josh Taylor, Jay Flanell, Joshua Abram Howard, Jeremiah Maddock, Amandalynn, Sweety, Nikki Balls, Subtexture, Dosa Kim, Amy Finkbeiner, Aunia Kahn, RROBOTS, Dennis McNett, Michael Alan, Damion Silver, JesseHectic, JoKa, Kristen Ferrell, Douajee Vang, Matt Vancura, Grime, Evan Cairo, Parskid, Justin Lipuma, Regino Gonzales, Lyndsey Lesh, Tim Diet, Dick Chicken, Sacha Jenkins, James O’Brian, John Reardon, Myles Karr, Dan Trocchio, Andre Malcolm, Leif Parsons, Duane Bruton, Bishop203, and Diego Mannino.

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