Pledge Your Allegiance

“You can call me ugly – but I still dress the way I choose
How you gonna judge me – you’ve never taken a walk in my shoes
Why don’t you ever trust me when I’m smiling – is it a sin to have fun?
… and why should I repent when there’s nothin’ wrong with anything that I’ve done?”


The first arrival of Vans apparel arrived here at The ‘Loop earlier today, and not only does it fit and feel as comfortable as the brand’s trademark sneakers, it also gives us a reason to jam out to Suicidal Tendencies at the office again!

The ST One Eyes Skull Tee and The ST Cyco Tee

The ST Work Shirt and The ST Era Sneaker

Presenting two tees, one featuring the classic ST skull logo and the other focusing on singer Mike Muir’s mean mug, as well as a Suicidal-trademark short-sleeved buttondown, each of the three options was produced to link up with The Suicidal Tendencies Era Sneaker that dropped a couple weeks back. If you copped the shoe already, then you’re one of the lucky few since these fuckers are flying out of here faster than a Bobby Clarke guitar solo. We’re predicting the same with the tees and buttondown, since most ST gear out there on the internets is bootleg bullshit. This is the official Vans x Suicidal goodness, wrung through the minds of The ST Army for maximum authenticity.

Cop that shit, and we’ll see you punks in the pits!


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