PF Flyers x Freemans Sporting Club

Classic American sneaker brand PF Flyers has joined forces with Freemans Sporting Club, a Manhattan boutique named after founder Taavo Somer’s group of outdoors-loving friends. PF Flyers have been sold through Freemans Sporting Club for some time, and so they decided to create two shoes, “united in the ongoing pursuit of classic American style.”

The Taghkanic model is a revised saddle shoe named after the New York fishing and holiday destination, and the Mohonk is a version of the PF Flyers canvas rec boot, named after a region in the Appalachian Mountains.

The PF Flyers x Freemans Sporting Club Editions are available at both Freemans Sporting Club locations in New York City, as well as American Rag, Conveyor, Local 35, Villains, and on




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