Peter Dudas ‘Hi-Bike’ Concept

With the increasing ubiquity of concept bike designs out there, Italian designer Peter Dudas‘ ‘Hi-Bike’ concept stands out all the more with the realization of its clean, minimalist design. The most striking feature of the bike would have to be its spokeless wheels, further accentuated by the absence of a traditional drive train, opting instead to utilize internalized components. With a combination of high-tech with high design, Dudas’ design is one we’d love to see put into production.


  1. I like the frame, but I am sick of seeing spokeless wheels on concept bikes. Are these mechanically feasible in the next 10 years?… probably not, so I doubt you will see this thing in production.. ever.

  2. Yeah, nice idea, but it’s not really a concept unless you have an idea how it will work. It’s just a fantasy.

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