Edwin x Machine17 Sponsor Rickshaw Race

In support of Education For All, team One Percenters will embark on an epic rickshaw race across the harsh clime of India with only the shirts on their backs – designed by Machine17 – and their Edwin jeans to protect them against tigers, potholes, and dysentery.

The route will cover 200 miles from India’s humid south to the chilly Himalayas in only 14 days, leaving the racers completely to their own devices. They anticipate their badass 34 mph rickshaws to break down along the way, but hey, it’s for charity and these One Percenters are fearless. Big ups to Edwin, who have already donated generously to the cause. All proceeds will go to EFA to distribute direly needed supplies to schools throughout India. Go team!

Sarah Parniak

Sarah Parniak

Sarah Parniak

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