Parish Clothing Launch


“When graffiti decorated every NYC subway train and b-boys were breakin’ to RUN DMC and THE SUGAR HILL GANG. It was a house party from back in the day.”

Bring it all back with Parish clothing. These threads are straight out of an 80’s time warp in the best possible way. If your friends aren’t impressed, they’re no longer your friends.

Info.Image: The Life of Riley


  1. Im a graphic designer lookin for work. I would love o get my feet wet in the colthing industry. I love what you guys are puttin out there, and would love to be a part of it. Im looking to help design some graphics for your clothing and i am also up for interning. E-mail me if you wouold like to see my resume and my work. thanks

  2. yo.. the clothing like is sick.. hoping you guys will come out with clothing for women.

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