One Hit Wonder at Magic

One Hit Wonder @ Magic
The heads over at One Hit Wonder are resurrecting the dead trucker hat fad that took 2003 by storm, with a few trucker hat styled New Era’s. Showcased at this summer’s Magic tradeshow, the two pieces feature raised embroidery and patchwork on New Era 59/50’s with a mesh back-panel. No info on release dates as of yet.

Info.Image: One Hit Wonder via SlamXHype

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  1. fuckin’ trucker hats. My dad has been wearing those since the early 70’s and skaters have been wearing them since “nevermind”. Fuck trucker hats, what needs to be brought back is the spirit of anti-corporate alcoholistic mushroom-mindedness.

    Teenage girls…raves…minivans…tapedecks…fistfights…

    that’s what I’m fighting for yo, I dunno…pick your battles I guess, but “grindin'” is soooooo last century.

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