October’s Very Own X Roots Varsity Jacket

October’s Very Own and Roots will be releasing the very exclusive varsity jacket which was originally produced for Drake on his Away From Home tour.  As for the design, there’s quite a few details that are worth noting.

Starting with the right side, the body features the title names of Drake’s E.P. and albums, while the sleeves boasts the number ’11,’ the Roots logo and the OVO owl. On the left is a large ‘O’ wrapped in a banner that says ‘October’s Very Own.’ The sleeves on that same side  has the Canadian, American and Jamaican flag as well as the name of Drake’s tour inscribed onto it.

Available in black or red, the jacket will only be released at Nomad’s Richmond Street Location in Toronto on Saturday, November 5th, 2011.

Matt Ho

Matt Ho

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