Obama Force One

It was bound to happen… now Obama’s new presidential airplane isn’t the only Air Force One making the rounds.  Sneaker artist Kane has been putting in the OT to get these Obama AF1’s ready for an inaugural release.  Slated to drop  on 1/21/09 at many participating retailers around the U.S., this limited custom will only go for $125 (same price as a premium). Pre order is available now, with all orders shipping on Barack’s special day.


  1. I don’t see how putting “Obama” on a plain white AF1 is going to make it worth more. He’s already elected, so it’s not a popularity contest anymore. You’re gonna be sorry if he turns out to be a bad president and you’ve got these in your closet.

  2. But by buying them your buying a part of history, so whether he be a good or bad president doesn’t really matter.

    I still don’t like them though.

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