North Star Relaunch

One of Canada’s late great sportswear brands, North Star, gets a new lease on life, as the brand has been resurrected and is ready for relaunch. One of the biggest names in Canadian sneakers in the 1970s, the North Star name fell by the wayside in the 1980s. Now, Adrian Aitcheson and Pablo Mozo have brought the name back from the dead. Aitcheson is best known for his work with Canada Goose, and the Olympic collections for Canadian brand Roots, and most recently worked with Mozo for the Team Canada 2010 Winter Olympics gear.

Inspired by summer camps in the Canadian wilderness, the spring / summer 2010 collection relaunches two of North Star’s most popular shoes, the Bullet and the jogger, as well as a deep assortment of t-shirts, tanks, and other summerwear. If you like it, the collection’s available at the Hudson’s Bay Company, another Canadian institution.

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