Nitraid’s ‘Nitreon’ T-Shirt

Nitreon Napoleon T-Shirt_1

Japanese streetwear label Nitraid has just dropped this new t-shirt, and they’re calling it ‘Nitreon’, a nod to the Napoleon/Nitraid mashup image on the front. The image is sourced from the famous painting of Napoleon leading his army over the Alps, but Nitraid’s thrown a balaclava over the dictator’s head. This is some amazing use of space and color.

Source: DeepInsideInc


  1. How can you buy this shirt?

    where is it available for sale?

    the Nitraid website is in Japanese – can anyone help?

  2. Erik R. Adler says:

    We’re not exactly sure, since our Japanese is rusty at best…maybe check out ebay or something like that? Where abouts do you live?

  3. Illinois,
    Ive been looking for this shirt everywhere, really wanna buy at least 2 of them. please let me know if you can help or if you can refer me to someone who can help

    thanks a million


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